Collected Ice Cream Base Recipes

This post contains a summary list of the ice cream bases on It is part of the Ice Cream Experimenters Guide I am gradually accumulating on the site and will be updated as I try more bases over time. If you have a favorite of your own please add it to the comments below.

For more information on the various styles of ice cream and other frozen desserts click here.

Dairy Based Ice Creams

Philadelphia Style

These bases contain milk, cream and sugar but no eggs.

Classic Philadelphia Style

A classic, uncooked ice cream.

Philadelphia ala Jeni Bauer

Maybe the most sophisticated version of a philadelphia style ice cream. Jeni Bauer, though a lot of inspired and informed experimentation, built on the basic philadelphia style and creates a recipe that has an outstanding texture and a distinct enhanced dairy taste. This recipe involves some simple cooking.

Philadelphia ala Mark Bittman

Mr. Bittman adds a bit of corn starch to the basic recipe to help reduce the size of ice crystals and give you a smoother ice cream. Also involves some even simpler cooking

French Style

French Style Base

The defining characteristic is the use of egg yolks and more milk than cream. Rich and silky there are many people who will only eat french style ice creams. This recipe is cooked.


There really isn’t a distinct Gelato style of homemade ice cream. Commercial gelatos are distinguished by the incorporation of much less air into the mix as it freezes in comparison to other ice creams. The only home ice cream maker that I am aware of that attempts to replicate this by including a separate gelato paddle, is the Cuisinart ICE-100.

The following base is a recipe that attempts to satisfy American expectations of what a gelato is supposed to be. Contains egg yolks and is cooked.

Gelato Base

Buttermilk Base

This is a French Style ice cream that replaces milk with buttermilk. Tangy a bit like frozen yogurt is.

Buttermilk Base

Sour Cream Base

Jeni Bauer’s base with half the cream replaced with sour cream. I have been using this one a lot lately

Sour Cream Base 

Sweetened Condensed Milk Base

A third style of dairy ice cream that makes unique, truly silky ice creams that store really well in home freezers. Maybe the ulitmate base for coffee ice cream.

Sweetened Condensed Milk Base

Frozen Yogurt Base

This post actually has 4 versions of a frozen yogurt base in one post from simple to complex.

Frozen Yogurt Base

Non Diary / Vegan Ice Cream Bases

This one is off-site and I have not tried it myself yet. But I still think it is worth trying based on how I read the recipe and the user comments. If you are looking for a vegan base that tries to approximate the creaminess and mouth feel of dairy ice creams this is a good place to start

Vegan Vanilla Base

This is very healthy and versatile vegan ice cream base that uses coconut milk and vegetable or fruit juices to create what is really a coconut milk sherbert.  There is a lot of room for experimentation from this basic idea. Other nut milks, additional ingredients intended to smooth out the texture, but very tasty as is.

Coconut Milk Vegan Sherbet Base


Still to come Sherbert, Sorbet, and more..



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