Black Pepper Ice Cream

I am a big fan of Olga Massov’s blog sassy radish. Her recipes are always interesting and tempting, and I like the way she lets her personality comes through her writing. She sounds very warm, and down to earth, and her posts always leave me hungry!


Here are a couple of quotes so you can see what I mean:

While plain vanilla ice cream, done well, is nothing short of spectacular, vanilla ice cream with infused with pepper (black or pink or white) takes vanilla to a whole new level. Think of it as vanilla in fourth dimension.

Makes about 4 servings, or if you’re me, 1 serving for an ice cream lover with zero self-control.

If somebody ever organizes an International Food Blogger Exposition (hopefully Paris the first year, Tokyo the second) she would be someone I would make a point of trying to meet.

This recipe was inspired by a meal memory and David Lebowitz, both coincidently in France, but probably not at the same time. Actually the recipe is based on one from his book The Perfect Scoop. One of my two primary ice cream recipe references and one which I keep meaning to review here.

The food memory she describes makes me wonder if this is a common occurrence among cooks, i.e. flashing back to a memorable meal when reading a recipe. It certainly happens to me all the time. I sometimes think I remember every meal I have ever had, and it doesn’t take much to tease up a memory of one of them. And this is from someone who otherwise often can’t remember his own name.

I haven’t made Olga’s recipe yet, but it is at the top of my list and I will update this post accordingly when I do. The idea of black pepper, in a not-to-sweet, vanilla ice cream is exactly the kind of elemental, savory flavor I am into at the moment. Behind the times I know, but I’m still fairly new at this ice cream making thing.

Black Peppercorn Ice Cream Recipe on sassy radish

Black Pepper Ice Cream

Primary Ingredients/Quantity:
Black Pepper, Vanilla / 1 pint

Mix Prep Time: 20 min
Freeze Time: 20 min
Total Time: 40 min