Goat Cheese Ice Cream


Sunday I had a craving for goat milk ice cream. Unfortunately though I had some goat cheese and cream cheese in the fridge, I did not have goat milk and I didn’t have whole milk, just 2%. So I pulled out my copy of Jenni Bauer and sure enough there was goat cheese ice cream recipe. Actually she has two versions, one with cognac figs and the other roasted red cherries spun in. Sorry to say neither one made it in. This is straight goat cheese, egg-less ice cream and it is fantastic. A very addicting flavor that would work with just about any mix-in or sauce you would want to add. Also this is another ice cream that would make an excellent side to pie.

Using 2% instead of whole milk did cause it to freezer harder than im sure it would have otherwise. But it still scooped out fairly well, was not at all icy and had a very smooth texture after a few minutes of thawing.

Goat Cheese Ice Cream
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Cuisine: ice cream
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Serves: 8
Goat Cheese Ice Cream very closely based on Jeni Bauer's recipe
  • 2 cups of 2% milk (whole would be better)
  • 1 T plus 1t of tapioca or corn starch
  • ½ cup (4 oz.) of goat cheese
  • 3 T (1.5 oz.) cream cheese
  • ¼ t salt
  • 1¼ cups of heavy cream
  • ½ - ⅔ cup of sugar depending on your sweet tooth.
  • ¼ cup light corn syrup
  1. Mix a few tablespoons of milk with the tapioca/corn starch, set aside.
  2. Put the salt, and cheeses in a blender. Put on the blender top but open the pour in it.
  3. Place the container/s you are going to be storing your ice cream in, into the freezer to pre-chill it.
  1. Add the milk, cream, sugar, corn syrup to a 4 quart heavy bottomed pan on medium heat.
  2. Bring to a low rolling boil. Boil for 4 minutes. Stir with a rubber spatula so milk doesn't burn or stick to the bottom of the pot.
  3. Remove from heat, re-mix the tapioca/corn starch and milk slurry and gradually add it to the pot while stirring.
  4. Put back on burner and stir for a minute or so until slightly thickened. It doesn't need to boil, we are just cooking the starch and using it to thicken the mix.
  5. Pour the mix into a heat proof bowl that has a lip.
  6. Turn on the blender and from the new bowl slowly pour the mix into the blender through the top pour hole. Blend long enough so that the cheeses are smoothly incorporated into the mix. This should only take 10 seconds or so.
  1. Pre-Chill the mix if you need to. Click on the link for suggestions.
  2. Pour mix into your ice cream maker and freeze as per manufacturer's instructions.
  1. Freeze your ice cream at least 4- 6 hours for the best texture. A layer of cling wrapped pressed into the top of the ice cream prevents ice build up on surface.


There is no reason why the milk and cream cant be substituted with goat milk and goat cream.

Using a blender when making ice cream has become a habit of mine. I like how smooth the mix ends up and I think Im getting a little more air incorporated into the mix.  But using one is a little extra work, so you don’t have to if you don’t want to be bothered. The cheeses can be placed in a large heat-proof bowl and after you are done cooking the mix, pour it over the cheeses and whisk together until smooth.


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