Chocolate Malted Ice Cream

This is a fun chocolate malt ice cream recipe based on a candy I was addicted to as a kid, Whoppers. Along with Raisinets, I would only get to eat them in movie theaters. In the small town in Connecticut I lived before I was 10, it was customary for what seemed like every kid in town to pack into the Strand theater for the Saturday matinee; an afternoon of Japanese monster movies, cartoons and b films from the 40s forward. Half the fun of course was loading up on candy. I probably could have asked my mother to buy them at the supermarket for me in those glorious days Before Nutrition, but it never occurred to me. Whoppers and Raisinets were eaten in movie theaters, end of story.

This Whopper Ice Cream recipe is on a family cooking blog, a sub-genre of food lovers blogs I particularly like. I hope those kids appreciate the fact that both their parents love to cook; as cliche as it sounds, my dad, could cook steaks on a barbecue, outside, 2 months out of the year, but indoors I don’t think he could boil water.

This is a very rich recipe with a 3 to 1 ratio of cream to milk and 4 egg yolks!  It should store nicely in your freezer.

It would be fun to experiment with varying combinations of malt and powdered chocolates, milk and dark.  Also a little cinnamon and or vanilla would certainly work with it.  For an adults only version, 3 T of Myers Rum might work, though that I’m less sure about.


While wallowing in nostalgia after finding this recipe, I decided to look for an image of an old Whoppers box and found this great little website on collecting candy, named appropriately enough


Chocolate malt Ice Cream recipe

Primary Ingredients/Quantity:
whoppers, ovaltine / 1 quart

Mix Prep Time: 20 min
Freeze Time: 30 min
Total Time: 50 min

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  1. Thanks for featuring our recipe! I love your ideas for some of the different flavor variations! And, BTW, our older kids definitely appreciate the cooking we do — but our six year old — not so much (yet!) but hopefully she’ll come around and enjoy eating something other than chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. Thanks again!

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