Brown Butter Ice Cream


I am a total push-over for what I think of as elemental ice creams. Ones made with a few simple, earthy ingredients: cream, sugar, eggs and their derivatives, egg custard, caramel, scorched milk etc… So when I found Pim Techamuanvivit’s recipe for browned butter ice cream on Chez Pim I considered my day made! To quote her:

My brown butter ice cream recipe is a result of an experiment. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to call it a quest: one to see how much brown butter I can get away with adding into a pretty classic, basic ice cream base recipe. I want my brown butter ice cream to actually taste like brown butter, not just hinting at it.

Talk about sympatico to my own approach to making ice cream and cooking in general. She can count me as a new fan. One thing I want to point out about this recipe before turning you over to her, is the obvious and ingenious use of a blender to mix everything together, incorporate all that fat, and temper the eggs when making the custard. What a great process simplifying technique! I’m going to be using it going forward. Now on to the recipe:

Brown Butter Ice Cream, or, how to make ice cream in a blender on Chez Pim

Brown Butter Ice Cream

Primary Ingredients/Quantity:
Brown Butter / 1 1/2 quart

Mix Prep Time: 30 min
Freeze Time: 25 min
Total Time: 55 min

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