A Classic Philadelphia Style Ice Cream Base


This recipe is for a basic, very traditional, Philadelphia style ice cream. The primary characteristics of this ice cream are: a 2 or 3  to 1 cream to milk ratio, no eggs, and an uncooked mix. It’s main strength, a  simple, pure, super fresh, uncooked taste, also results in its primary weakness; after more than 4 – 6 hours in your freezer, what you make will become rock hard, with a slightly grainy texture from ice crystal formation.  This style ice cream is best eaten right out of your ice cream maker or after just a few hours in your freezer, when it will be delicious. I would also suggest pre-chilling the mix even if you have a built in compressor ice cream maker.  You want everything as cold as possible when you go to freeze this in your ice cream maker.  I would also suggest you use the freshest, highest quality ingredients you can for this recipe as you will taste the difference.

Here is a recipe for about a quart of ice cream.
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