Hi my name is Bob Clark, I live mostly in Florida, sometimes in Brooklyn, and I thought it would be fun to create a website that acts as a meeting place for ice cream makers. People like myself for whom ice cream is one of life’s special pleasures. People who will drive the extra mile, or spend the extra dollar for a great, eye rolling, soul satisfying, scoop (or three) of ice cream. It’s especially for those of us who enjoy making , experimenting and perfecting ice cream at home. This is a relatively new found passion of mine and I hope the website feeds a similar passion in you. So whether your pleasure is gelato, milk shakes, vegan recipes or the any of the other endless options; I look forward to you being a regular at ILoveIceCream.net.

What you will find on this website.

The Most Delicious Ice Cream Recipes on the Web.

Why make ice cream? I mean you can probably buy 50 flavors in any large supermarket. Their are a dozens of ice cream store chains you can drive to for a quick fix and if you are lucky probably a small artisanal parlour making delicious ice cream not to far from you.

Well there is no more fundemental human social activity than cooking and eating together. And I have found that along with fresh bread, fresh homemade ice cream is the ultimate crowd pleaser. Nobody doesn’t love ice cream or one of it’s cousins. So here are my 5 primary reasons for making homemade ice cream.

  1. Homemade ice cream is major bang for the buck cooking. The ingredients are relatively inexpensive. Most of the technique involved is simple and straightforward; some recipes you could make in your sleep. But the results are invariably awesome and soul satisfying.
  2. Ice cream is one of those foods that tastes significantly better as soon as its prepared or after at most a few hours of hardening in your freezer. You will taste the difference even compared to the most artisanal shop ice cream.
  3. Because ice cream recipes are so simple they lend themselves to creative experimentation. Every change you make, every ingredient you add or subtract, every improvement in freshness or quality of ingredients used you will taste. If this appeals to you, you can totally geek out with ice cream making.
  4. Ice cream making is for the most part super forgiving. Unless you make a gross error you will end up with something you will want to eat, no, really enjoy eating.

For more of my thoughts on making ice cream click here.

With your help, my goal is to compile the very best ice cream recipes on the web. Im going to do my best to pick recipes that you can be certain of will produce fantastic results.

Products Both Reviewed and For Sale.

Reviews of everything related to making ice cream. I’m going to be focusing on ice makers at first because they are critical to making and most importantly, enjoying making, ice cream. My goal is to point out the best options available at a variety of price points. I base my reviews on a combination of personal experience and summaries of customer reviews I find around the web. Additionally you can expect reviews for:

  • Ice Cream Making Tools and Accessories
  • Ingredients
  • Ice Cream Products and Brands
  • Ice Cream Shops
  • Vintage ice cream makers products
  • Anything else Ice cream related I can think of

At some point I will probably open a store associated with the site to sell the products that I most like and are difficult to get.  Until then I have set up a web page of recommended tools here.

Please Contribute!


Post comments! If you make one of the recipes on the site please post a comment sharing your experience. If you take a photo of your creation I will be happy to add it to the recipe post. Please also comment if you have any ideas for recipe variations or suggestions.

Community Forum

More than anything else I hope the site develops into an active community of ice cream makers how share technique, experiments and recipes.  When there is enough traffic I will set up a forum but for now please post your questions and thoughts on the site’s Facebook fan page,  which I have set up for this purpose.

Your Recipes

If you have a recipe that you love and would like to share, I am happy to post it with full attribution to you. Just drop me a note.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoy the site.

If you  wish to be notified with a weekly summary of recipes and posts, please leave me your email in the form on the right.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in! 


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